Fight back the evil humans!
Lead monsters who are on the run, and build a new stronghold to fight against the evil human invasion. Monster Castle is a novel strategic tower defense game with social features that has attracted players from all over the world. You are the chief of a self-composed outcast army of monsters that has to rebuild abandoned castles, protect the last shelters, and fight for monsters’ freedom. However, there is more! The mighty conquest wars will lead your passion for battle toward a climax. Monster Castle is a game of epic strategy warfare where only the strongest will claim victory!

- Exciting anti-hero story and addictive campaigns.
- Build your own unique Monster Castle and defend against hero’s invasion!
- Recruit an army of epic monsters and friendly heroes.
- Challenge real-time tower defense based combat, and best in class PVP experience!
- Strategic spells to turn the battle into your advantage!





Empire Defense Ⅱ is based on the background of Three Three Kingdoms and it has been downloaded by thousands of players since the day it was released. Now, we are so glad to meet its amazing update. As creative game, Empire Defense II focuses on General developing and skill upgrading.

■ Zhao Yun, Lv Bu, Diao Chan and other 13 generals plus 18 soldiers fully equipped with super skills get ready to help you unifying the three kingdoms!
■ How to better plan your defense to be the winner? You wanna lure the enemy or outflank them? It is based on your wisdom and strategy.
■ The perfect combination of defense and RPG elements, different Equipment strengthen, a place to show your wisdom in this unpredictable formation!
■ 42 levels,Offline game (STORY) and online game (ARENA) combined, Arena offers you the real PK experience.





Tower defense game has quite a stable user base. It is easy operated and with a strong playability, from which players' intelligence and strategy can be played to the most. In the past few years, there are several excellent tower defense games springing up. Among them are Kingdom Rush, Plants vs. Zombies and Clash of Clans, all achieving promising results. Empire Defense takes tower defense game as foothold, but adds anti tower defense element as a new flavor. Tower defense product is hard core product, which asks for high creativity and execution to R&D team. The core persons of our team own over 5 years’ tower defense product experience. We are much mature to other teams in this field.

■ Ample RPG training pattern, all out of the ordinary. All the generals, soldiers, schemes and defense towers in the game can be upgraded under the requirements of each individual player.
■ Brand new cup fighting mechanism, reach the peak of top king.The game brings in cup fighting mechanism, and each fight has an effect on your world rank.
■ Players are flexible enough to design the path in accordance with their own favor. Outstanding path is the premise of defense.
■ Various of defense towers function totally different, combined with freely planned path, which construct protean defense position.

(Only available to download in these designated countries)



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